Escambia River Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a dependable provider of quality electric service and has been since 1939. Today, EREC has distinguished itself as a reliable provider of many other services as well which greatly enhance our area’s quality of life. EREC now operates the Walnut Hill & Bratt Davisville water systems to offer an increased level of service to the water works members as well as long term stability and strength.

EREC maintains and provides high quality water service to the existing customers of the water system and expands that service to the unserved area of the community as is feasible and is consistent with franchise agreements. EREC operates the water utility system as a non-profit operation under the same principles as it currently operates its electrical distribution system in order to provide the best possible water service at the least possible cost to the present and future customers of the water distribution system.

As our community’s needs grow and as technology improves, EREC continually strives to expand the services and programs that we offer to our members.