Thank a lineman on April 11

Posted on April 11, 2016

America’s electric cooperatives have designated the second Monday of April as National Lineman Appreciation Day.

On April 11, 2016, Escambia River Electric Cooperative will honor the dedicated men and women who often work in challenging conditions to keep the lights on. We proudly recognize all electric linemen for the services they perform around the clock in dangerous conditions to keep power flowing and protect the public’s safety.

“Today, we honor our linemen for their hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Our guys are often called in to work power outages and they have to miss their son’s ballgame, their daughter’s piano recital or a get together with friends,” said Clay Campbell, General Manager/CEO. “But they do it and they don’t complain. Because it’s who they are, it’s what they do. And for that we thank them.”

EREC invites members to take a moment and thank a lineman for the work they do. Use #thankalineman to show your support for the men and women who light our lives.

Your Power Works Because They Do #thankalineman