Teachers get an energy education at Empower round 2

More than 150 teachers became the students from across northwest Florida and Alabama at a 2nd Empower energy education workshop in July.  The overwhelming positive response to the program prompted a second energy education workshop for teachers.  Empower was co-hosted by PowerSouth, NEED (National Energy Education Development) and area cooperatives including EREC.

The Empower Energy Education Workshop provided fun, engaging, fast-paced activities about electric generation and distribution with a focus on energy education. Attendees received the tools and curriculum necessary to integrate the activities into their classrooms. These materials, aimed at K-12 students, include hands-on activities designed to teach tomorrow’s leaders about all energy sources – from fossil fuels to renewables.

The conference also provided attendees an opportunity to network with other teachers, sharing ideas and building lifelong connections.

The Empower Energy Education Workshop is part of an initiative to promote a balanced approach to energy education in the classroom. By empowering teachers to fully explore all forms of electricity generation, students are more likely to receive a reality-based education and become better decision-makers as adults.

“One of our founding principles as a cooperative is providing education and learning to our members,” said Clay Campbell, General Manager/CEO of Escambia River EC. “This conference was an opportunity for us to reach our youth in ways we never imagined before. By providing educators with the tools they need to present energy information to their students in a balanced and memorable way, we are investing in the future of our cooperative, our state and our nation.”

Attendees at the second Empower Energy Education Workshop, from left, Sabrina Owens, EREC; Linda Jackson, Bratt Elementary; Kristen Davis, Jay Elementary; Nick Jackson, EREC; Jennifer Bailey, Chumuckla Elementary; Jennifer Hendricks, Jay Elementary; Donna McMillan, Jay Elementary; Aaron Lowry, Jay Elementary; Deana Weaver, Byrneville Elementary; Tegan Stephens, Jay Elementary; Robbie Hammac, Bratt Elementary; Tami Calloway, Bratt Elementary; Amanda Hutchins, Jay Elementary; Kim Ryan, Bratt Elementary; and Tamesha Dunsford, Byrneville Elementary.

Kristen Davis and Aaron Lowry, Jay Elementary teachers, work together on an energy source display board.

Tami Calloway and Robbie Hammac, Bratt Elementary teachers, participate in an activity which uses drinking straws and chocolate syrup to demonstrate to students the process of extracting oil from reservoir rock.