Solar Project Serves as Educational Tool

Posted on July 22, 2016

Due to members’ growing interest in renewable energy sources – particularly solar — EREC has completed construction of an on-site solar demonstration project. The solar array is for informational purposes designed to demonstrate objective and actual data for a typical, residentially-sized solar installation.

The 40-panel, roof-mount solar array at EREC’s headquarters in Jay, Florida, has a generating capacity of 10.6 kW and an estimated annual output of 14,600 kWh. This solar installation is sized to demonstrate the output needed to run the average member’s home – minus climate control during seasonal peaks.

“We chose to do the solar demonstration project because we want to be an information source for our members,” said EREC General Manager and CEO Clay Campbell. “We’re not opposed to renewables such as solar, but we want our members to be able to make informed decisions based on actual facts in regard to the cost and benefits of solar installation.”

The solar demonstration project is owned and operated by PowerSouth Energy Cooperative, the generation and transmission facility for EREC. Members are invited to call EREC to schedule a visit to view the solar demonstration to get actual operational data to make an informed decision if they are considering solar panel installation on their property.

Solar panel on top of roof Installed solar panel on top of roof