Show Your Thanks! Thank a Lineman Specialty License Plate

Thank a Lineman Specialty License Plate

Floridians know the importance of the lineworkers more than most, particularly in the wake of a large storm or hurricane.

The Thank a Lineman plate was established in the fall of 2020 when Governor Ron DeSantis signed HB 1135 into law to recognize their dedication.

“We are appreciative of Gov. DeSantis and the Florida Legislature for providing public recognition of these individuals who are critical to our state’s economy,” says Ryan Campbell, CEO of Escambia River Electric Cooperative. “

Show Your Thanks

Nationwide, there are over 74,000 lineworkers.  With purchasing the Thank a Lineman plate, you show your appreciation of these hardworking men and women.

All Florida Drivers may pre-order a the “Thank a Lineman” specialty plate at or go to your local county’s tax collector office and request the voucher. The plates are expected to be available once the state’s minimum pre-order threshold is met.