Put Safety First on Your To-Do List

One of the wonders of electricity is having the ability to perform many labor-saving tasks at our fingertips. Just turn on the switch and go.

Even though electricity makes our lives easier and more enjoyable, it is important to remember it can pose a danger if people become too complacent. Because electricity is powerful and can injure or kill, safety must be an every day priority for anyone who uses it.

May is National Electrical Safety Month, a time when the Electrical Safety Foundation International raises awareness about potential home electrical hazards and the importance of electrical safety.

The following tips can help identify and eliminate electrical hazards to protect you, your family and your home:

  • Make sure entertainment centers and computer equipment have plenty of space around them for ventilation.
  • Use extension cords as a temporary solution and never as a permanent power supply.
  • Do not place extension cords in high-traffic areas, under carpets or across walkways, where they pose a potential tripping hazard.
  • Use a surge protector to protect your computer and other electronic equipment from damage caused by voltage changes.
  • Heavy reliance on power strips is an indication you have too few outlets to address your needs. Have additional outlets installed by a qualified, licensed electrician.
  • Keep liquids, including drinks, away from electrical items such as televisions and computers.