Let’s Work Together to Hold Down Power Costs

There’s power in teamwork, especially when it comes to holding down the price we all pay for electricity. We’re sharing easy ways to do that — and the more members who join, the more we can hold down costs for everyone.

It’s as simple as delaying your energy use during peak times when many people demand electricity at once. This works because the cost your cooperative pays for wholesale power is determined, in part, by peak demands for it.

On cold winter mornings and hot summer afternoons when peaks occur, the need for electricity rises — and the cost of wholesale power rises with it. Helping is easy. Simply shift the time you use electricity by a few hours.

During winter, delay chores that require electricity until afternoon hours <or co-op’s specific off-peak times>. On hot summer days, shift your electricity use to evening hours, after 7:00 p.m. <or co-op’s specific off-peak, evening hour start>. These are off-peak times when less people will be using energy and wholesale power costs are lower.

Here’s what you can do during peak times:

  • Adjust your thermostat. Bump it up a few degrees in summer and down in winter.
  • Delay the use of hot water. Set your dishwasher to run during an off-peak time and postpone baths and showers.
  • Give those large appliances a rest. Delay using the washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and stove until off-peak times.
  • Turn off unneeded lights and electronics, like gaming systems.

It may not seem like much, but when you and other members take these simple steps to reduce power use during peak times, it helps even out the need for electricity. Most importantly, you’ll be doing your part to keep power costs as low as possible, not just for you but for all members. That’s a win-win!

Together, we can keep power bills as low as possible for you and other members. It’s another way your hometown electric cooperative is always here for you.