Hurricane Zeta Makes Landfall

Hurricane Zeta made landfall late yesterday afternoon as a Category 2 storm near Cocodrie in southern Louisiana with winds of 110 mph. Although the eye of the storm passed to our west, the EREC service area was battered with winds of at least tropical storm force for several hours as Zeta moved inland leaving 53% of our membership without power.

Line crews have worked through the night making repairs to our distribution system, with the exception of about two hours when the winds were too strong for their safety. EREC crews, with the assistance of additional cooperative line workers, will continue to work around the clock restoring power until every member’s power has been restored.

“Our area went through Hurricane Sally just six weeks ago. Lingering effects from a storm weathered area can cause numerous trees to fall and bring down power lines,” said CEO Ryan Campbell. “Zeta’s strong winds caused damage to our power system, but we want to assure our members that line crews are working as quickly as possible to restore power and will not stop until we’re back at 100%.”