Hurricane Sally Update

September 20, 2020, 9:15 am – EREC continues to make great progress on power restoration following Hurricane Sally. Immediately following the storm, 95% of the EREC membership was without electricity representing 10,919 outages. Currently, EREC has 1,318 members without power.

“In the first stage of power restoration, as you energize substations and large three-phase lines, you’ll see hundreds and even thousands of members come back online immediately,” said CEO Ryan Campbell. “As you near the end of the restoration process, you branch out into those smaller tap lines. You may work for two or three hours to restore power to five members.”

EREC line crews have the assistance of additional cooperative crews representing a massive power restoration effort following Hurricane Sally. Work will not stop until every member has electricity. We appreciate the patience of our members as we work through these final stages of the restoration process.