EREC Sends Line Crews to Coast EPA to Restore Power

EREC has sent line crews to assist our fellow cooperative, Coast Electric Power Association, in Gulfport, Mississippi, with power restoration following Hurricane Zeta’s landfall in Louisiana on October 28th. Coast EPA serves over 83,000 members on the Mississippi Coast. Zeta’s path through Coast EPA’s service area left numerous broken poles, downed power lines and more than 65,000 members without power.

“Our cooperative finished power restoration to our membership on Friday following Hurricane Zeta,” said CEO Ryan Campbell. “But we have fellow cooperatives still working to rebuild their damaged power systems. Once our linemen had a chance to rest from working around the clock restoring power to our members, they volunteered to go help fellow cooperatives hit by this devastating storm.”

EREC will assist Coast EPA restore power to the thousands of members still without electricity following Hurricane Zeta. EREC is committed to helping our cooperative family in their time of need. It’s the cooperative way.

Line crew members headed to Coast EPA are Stephen Jones, John Wilson, Doug Stewart, David Hatfield, Tony Moody and Lee Acree.