Surge Protection

A power surge is an abrupt increase in power that can cause serious damage to any device that uses electricity. Many different things can cause power surges, but lightning is the most common culprit. Although nothing can protect you from a direct lightning strike, EREC can offer you the best protection available against transient surges.


The SpaceSaver 320A is the best first line of defense against incoming surges that can harm electro-mechanical devices with motors and compressors that are typically in large appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, heating and cooling systems, etc.  This meter base arrester makes the perfect companion for home plug-in surge suppressors used on computers and other valuable electronics*. The SS320A is a thin low profile meter socket surge arrester suitable for both 200 amp and 320 amp meter enclosures. The meter base arrester protects electrical wiring and large non-electronic appliances.

It is superior because:

  • Low profile design – At only 1.2” deep, the SS320A is the thinnest device of its type
  • A two-part ground wire and clear plastic safety shield make installation safe and fast
  • UL listed for up to 325-amp enclosures, enabling use on virtually all homes
  • Easy-to-see indicator light confirms unit is functioning properly
  • Expected 20 year life

*EREC recommends the purchase and use of additional home plug-in surge suppressors to safeguard sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, TVs, entertainment systems, microwaves, etc.


Purchase $100.00 + $25 Installation Fee
Lease $5.00 per month + $25 Installation Fee