Outdoor Lighting

Attractive Protection

At Escambia River Electric Cooperative, we are lighting your way to affordable, durable and attractive exterior security lights. Our Decorative Security Lighting program features a carefully chosen selection of lights that are as practical as they are eye-catching. All styles feature reliable high-pressure sodium lamps. Whichever style you choose, it will do more than enhance your environment. These lights are carefully designed to provide maximum security for your residential, commercial or neighborhood development property.

Program Benefits

  • Affordable, low monthly payments that include installation, maintenance and operating costs
  • A secure, comfortable environment
  • An advanced system that turns itself on and off automatically
  • Architectural styles that will compliment any area
  • A selection of several long-life fiberglass pole heights to support any fixtures you choose

And more

The Operations Department at EREC will help you select the right style, lamp type, wattage and pole height to meet your individual needs and provide maximum protection.