Disaster Relief Travel Trailers

EREC maintains a state of readiness and preparedness before, during and after hurricane season. And real progress has been made in an area that has persistently been a challenge in the past. Lodging. When a hurricane strikes our area, co-op crews are welcomed to our facility to assist in the restoration process. But finding places for this influx of workers to stay in our rural area is not an easy task.

However, EREC has acquired trailers for conversion into bunk housing. Renovation is well underway and at completion, we will have five trailers which will sleep 33 people each. In addition, we will have a shower trailer with 10 showers and nine sinks. The sleeper trailers have central heat/air and individual lockers for each occupant. Each bunk has overhead lighting and electrical outlets for cell phone charging. The bottom row of bunks has nighttime floor lighting as well.

These trailers can also be utilized, at a nominal fee, by other cooperatives who have been hit by hurricanes or other types of disaster. This cost-based charge will, in turn, help recoup the trailer renovation expenses.

While none of us welcome any approaching storm, knowing we have made as many preparations in advance as possible will certainly ease the burden that accompanies the event.