Viasat Internet

Unlimited Data Plans.

NEW with Unlimited Data including Built-In WiFi

  • BRONZE 12 – $69.99 per month
    • Up to 12 Mbps download speed
    • Video streaming at Small Screen Quality, Optimized for 360p
    • Good for people who mostly tend to stream on their phone or tablet; smaller households that don’t use many connected devices.
  • SILVER 25 – $99.99 per month
    • Up to 25 Mbps download speed
    • Video streaming at DVD Quality, Optimized for 480p
    • Good if you’re OK watching shows in standard (DVD) definition.  Looks good on laptops, phones, tablets, small TVs, and may be acceptable on large TVs.
  • GOLD 30 – $149.99 per month
    • Up to 30 Mbps download speed
    • Video streaming at HD Quality Optimized for 720p
    • Good for streamers who watch video on bigger TVs and want the best quality; families with many connected devices.

Plan Details

  • Equipment Lease Fee: $7.50 per month
  • One-time Account Setup Fee: $49
  • Standard Installation: FREE
  • Contract Term: 24 months
  • Call ERRS today at (800) 692-7010.