Storm Center


Tropical Storm Tracking Sites

Emergency Contact Numbers

  • EREC Outage Reporting:  1-877-OUT-EREC or 1-877-688-3732
  • Emergency:  911
  • Escambia Emergency Operations Center:  850-595-3629
  • Santa Rosa Emergency Operations Center:  850-983-5280
  • Town of Jay:  850-675-4556
  • Police:  850-675-4335
  • EMS:  850-626-8634
  • Jay Hospital:  850-675-8000

Storm Terms

Tropical Depression – An organized system of clouds and thunderstorms with a defined circulation and top sustained winds of less than 39 miles-per-hour.Tropical Storm – An organized system of strong storms with a defined circulation and top sustained winds of between 39 – 74 mph.

Tropical Storm Watch – Tropical storm conditions are possible in the specified area of the watch within 36 hours.

Tropical Storm Warning – Tropical storm conditions are expected in the affected area within 24-hours.

Hurricane – An intense tropical weather system with a well-defined circulation and a sustained wind speed of 74 mph or higher.

Hurricane Watch – Hurricane conditions are possible within the specified area within 36 hours. At this point, take immediate action to protect your family and property.

Hurricane Warning – Hurricane conditions are expected in the specified area within 24 hours.

Storm Surge – A rapidly rising dome of sea water up to 20-feet high that arrives with a hurricane. Evacuation zones are identified according to their susceptibility to this occurrence.